Swim Lesson Parent Frequently Asked Questions

All seating is first come, first served, and no reservations are accepted. Please contact us or come to the club to register if you have questions about which class your child should be in.

Yes at 32 degrees in Winter and 26 degrees in Summer 

There is an annual registration fee for all swimmers. The fee is Rs 1000 per member and for family is Rs 1800 

We do not accept registrations over the phone, partly because the registration requires your signature.

Yes, all swimmers are required to wear a swimming cap. The club will offer  swim cap  but If the cap is break member need to buy a new one with the club.

We strongly recommend goggles for children learning to swim, and during stroke development. Goggles will often increase a child’s comfort in the water.

Our pools are Salted to provide your child with the optimal hygienic environment.

Your child’s lessons must be paid in full on the day of registration.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your lesson because we start on time! This time helps your youngster to get to know our pool and staff better and get more comfortable with them.

Please visit our calendar page to see the times listed for your child’s age group.

Yes, we do offer private classes, but they are limited to children and adults with special needs and are based on availability.

No, we don’t work on public holidays.

A child’s ability to swim can be learned at any moment. Each child learns at their own pace, which is determined by their learning pace as well as your child’s goals.

If it rains, we’ll be unable to swim. We’ll be able to swim in light to moderate rain. Because of the lighting and thunder, we will be unable to swim. Weather alerts, on the other hand, are immediately delivered to your phone. If you don’t get a cancellation notice, we’ll go swimming.

We do not recommend children attend swimming lessons if they are unwell, as this reduces their focus and can increase fatigue. Children must not attend lessons if they are suffering from;

  • Any contagious disease e.g. conjunctivitis.
  • Flu, fever, head cold, runny nose, sore throats, and cold sores.
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea, ringworm, head lice, urinary tract infection

During or between lessons, you should not expect to hear from an instructor. During this time, they are primarily concerned with children. You can contact +23052540440 to request a manager or leave a message for an instructor at the front desk.

Phone Number

Contact us by phone at +23052540440 on Whatsapp

Email Address

Contact us by email at uniswimlesson@gmail.com


Bois Cheri Road At La Vallee Des Fleurs

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