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A glimpse of the certification ceremony The Universe Swimming Club operates as a swimming school. Oliver Achille founded it on June 21st, 2018. He gives excellent swimming instruction to his college students. Universe School is open to everyone who wants to learn to swim. I am a member of the Australian Swimming club and hold Australian swimming certificates from several international organizations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join us! Swimming is not restricted by age, and I believe that “everyone can swim.”

Safe and Fun

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Safety Standards

The Universe Swimming Club is concerned about the safety and comfort of its members. In the swimming class, the Universe Swimming Club provides swimming equipment for beginners and adults.

Comfortable Environment

We teach not only the fundamentals of swimming but also more advanced methods to our swimming stars. We train them in all of the swimming methods to prepare them for rising sea levels. We also want students to learn to swim in a variety of scenarios in order to put their new skills to use.

Special Individual Training

Universe Swim Club offers swimming lessons, as well as equipment and accessories. The top swimming coaches provide each student individual attention. Students can also take expert private lessons at Universe Swim Club that are suited to their individual needs.

Phone Number

Contact us by phone at +23052540440 on Whatsapp

Email Address

Contact us by email at uniswimlesson@gmail.com


Azuri Village, Haute Rive, Riviere du Rempart, Roches Noires 31201

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