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Swimming is good for Health 

and Everybody can Do It

Do you want to learn how to swim like a pro? Accept the challenge of swimming, join us, and stay fit.

Safe and Fun

Accept The Challenge Of
Swimming, Join Us, And Stay Fit.

Be a part of us, take on the swimming challenge, and maintain your health. The mental and physical health of an individual has an impact on their way of life. The Universe Swimming Club is a reputable company offering adults, babies, and children stress-free swimming lessons. Our main goal is to give our members the best possible assistance as they advance in their professional training. We make an effort to provide the best swim instruction at a reasonable cost. Our trainers’ services are available to anyone who wants individual, private swim coaching at their convenience.

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My Biography

The Universe Swimming Club is a swimming school. Oliver Achille founded the company on June 21st, 2018. I am qualified to teach swimmers safe swimming techniques because I hold an AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety license. The goal of this swimming club is to provide “stress learning” swimming applications for both children and adults. My swimming club is an excellent option for anyone looking to learn to swim because of its long history (over thirteen years). Since I am a recognized swimming coach with great swimming skills, all of my swimmers learn to swim like swimming stars from me. I offer excellent swimming lessons to children of all ages and skill levels. Swimming has no age limits, so anyone can do it. The Universe School welcomes anyone who wants to learn to swim. Don’t pass up the opportunity to join us now.

Safe and Fun

Our Vision

To introduce innovative approaches to the swim club by serving the swimming community in a healthy, fun-making environment.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality swim programs to swimmers of all ages that will help them achieve their  physical and mental goals.

Swim Your worries away

Why You Should Choose Us

Safety Standards

The Universe Swimming Club is concerned about the safety and comfort of its members. The main goal of our swimming pool is to keep everyone safe. We provided high-quality swimming equipment for beginners to adults in the swimming class, ensuring their safety and allowing them to enjoy swimming without fear.

Comfortable Environment

We teach our swimming stars not only the fundamentals of swimming but also more advanced techniques. We teach them all swimming techniques to prepare them for rising sea levels. We also expect them to learn to swim in a variety of situations so they can put their new skills to use. The Pool is heated 32 dregree

Special Individual Training

Universe Swim Club offers all swimming equipment and accessories, as well as private lessons with the best coaches. Universe Swim Club also provides professional private lessons that are related to the objectives of each student. The best swimming coaches give these students extra attention to ensure their success in the water.

Life is better when you’re swimming

Our Services

We dedicate the universe Swimming Club to providing swimming lessons to babies, teenagers children, and adults. In order to become a swimming expert, we evaluate and categorize strengths and weaknesses prior to beginning lessons. We teach students to swim at different levels, and each level must be carefully understood and tested before progressing to the advanced level.

Phone Number

Contact us by phone at +23052540440 on Whatsapp

Email Address

Contact us by email at uniswimlesson@gmail.com


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The Universe Swimming Club is a well-known and competitive swimming program that teaches children, teenagers, and adults how to swim.

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